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Dance Chicago International

The Stars of Dance Chicago International Tour

Sending Chicago Choreographers around the World


In 2004, Dance Chicago celebrated its 10-year anniversary as Chicago’s largest and most successful dance festival. Dance Chicago features more than 300 dance companies and choreographers and 3,000 individual artists in nine different programs, showcasing 26 performances during its annual five week celebration at Chicago's historic Athenaeum Theatre. With up to 20 different companies in each program, Dance Chicago offers the broadest range of dance styles in Chicago from traditional to experimental including ballet, modern, jazz, folk, tap and hip-hop. “Chicago is a city rich with culture and diversity. Over the years Dance Chicago has strived to not only represent this, but expand it to Chicagoans and dance lovers throughout the world,” remarked Artistic Director and Dance Chicago Founder, John Schmitz.

Building off the successful collaborations between Chicago choreographers and companies, Schmitz turned his eye to the international scene. With the help of Dance Chicago Director of Foreign Exchange Altin Naska, the first Foreign Exchange Project began last year with the addition of the Turkish company, Cemal Resit Rey Dance Theatre to Dance Chicago’s Finale program as well as a work by Albanian Choreographer Arjan Sukniqi. Sukniqi, the first Foreign Exchange Project participant, choreographed Cacophony from Balkan for dancers from The Joffrey Ballet. This year a new collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet, choreographed by Naska appeared on the Finale program.

The Stars of Dance Chicago is an international touring group that consists of 11 of Chicago's most vibrant dancers, choreographers and dance masters selected by Schmitz to represent Dance Chicago. On May 1, 2005, Schmitz, together with Tour Director Altin Naska and Production Manager Margaret Nelson, presented the premiere of The Stars of Dance Chicago to thrilled audiences at the sold-out Cemal Resit Rey Theatre in Istanbul, Turkey. (Look at the program in detail)

Schmitz describes the program:

They perform a dizzying premiere showcase where ballet mingles with jazz, modern mixes into hip-hop and tap burst onto the scene in a brilliant kaleidoscope of dance and live music. These choreographers aren't trying to reinvent the wheel - they've found new ways of making it roll. Whether they leave you speechless or screaming for more, these are the dances you will never forget. Toes tap, hips hop. Smooth moves on hard groves. The Stars of Dance Chicago is about racing hearts, sweaty palms and unbridled passion. Who needs rhyme and reason when you've got the rhythm? This is new artistry in full technicolor in a most exhilarating dance program.

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The Stars of Dance Chicago
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