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DANCE CHICAGO 2003 Archive
What does the Press Have to Say?


With 'rhythm' as the theme, Dance Chicago kicks up heels
November 26, 2003 / Chicago Tribune

By Lucia Mauro, Special to the Tribune

Young choreographers get a shot in spotlight New works show plenty of promise in New Dances
November 13, 2003 / Chicago Tribune

By Sid Smith, Tribune arts critic

Improving by Leaps and Bounds
November 9, 2003 / Chicago Tribune

By Sid Smith, Tribune arts critic

Dance showcase exposes the powerful, playful
November 4, 2003 / Sun Times

By Hedy Weiss, Dance Critic

'Dirti Rok' playful and unpredictable
November 2, 2003 / Chicago Tribune

By Sid Smith, Tribune arts critic

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